Top Renergy Inc. (“TRE”) is a federally incorporated investment firm based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2010, TRE investors include major institutional investors as well as a number of high net worth individuals. TRE consists of three subsidiaries and operating divisions of Top VC/PE Fund, Top Startup Incubator and Top Startup Advisory.

The investment team is comprised of industry experts who bring a deep track record of successfully identifying, securing, and developing investments. Our disciplined investment approach combines proprietary research that identifies market trends early. The management team provides a broad network of high-level relationships, unparalleled domain knowledge, and significant operating experience gained through the management of, and investment in, technology, IT & software, social media and networking, clean energy, supply chain management, education, healthcare & life-science and manufacturing.

We are committed to empower and inspire entrepreneurs. As a venture capital partner and a member of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, TRE has helped companies to create over 150 full-time jobs in Canada. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs and start-up ventures, early- and middle-stage companies in becoming successful by providing not only venture capital funding, but also hands-on industrial and managerial experience and know-how and to achieve mutual benefits for all stakeholders.