Chris Xie

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Xie founded Top Renergy Inc. in 2010. In his position as President and CEO, he is responsible for the daily operations of TRE. During a highly rewarding career with Siemens, Chris served in many communities across Canada. Chris has a true appreciation of the dynamics of venture capital and has formed many strong bonds and friendships along the way. Throughout his career Chris has focused on strategic and innovative approaches that benefit stakeholders, partners, employees and organizations alike.

Chris holds a Master’s Degree in financial engineering and risk management from New York University (New York, NY), a Master’s Degree in business administration from Schiller International University (Heidelberg, Germany), an Associate Bachelor’s Degree from Wenzhou University (Zhejiang, China) and a FRM (Certified Financial Risk Manager) - a privilege professional designation certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Additionally, he is the author and publisher of Guide to Global Venture Capital (CITIC Press, 2000), together with a number of papers including:

Stephan Siegel


Stephan Siegel has over 18 years of combined industrial and academic experience. He specializes in International Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, International and Emerging Market Finance, Capital Markets, Venture Capital, and Macroeconomics. Stephan currently serves as Associate Professor with the University of Washington. Previously, Stephan served as Project Manager and Consultant with GCI Management in Munich, Germany. He holds a PhD degree from the Columbia University in New York.

Augustin Marisca

Industrial Advisor

Augustin Marisca founded SOUDCO, a consulting firm providing professional welding and quality assurance services, as well as ISO 9001 certification consulting. Previously, he worked with Steel Products Work, in Gaesti, Romania as a welding engineer and Welding Laboratory Manager. In 1983, as a welding engineer, Augustin demonstrated key leadership qualities at Nuclear Equipment for Power Plants Co., in Bucharest, Romania. In 1991, Augustin was elected Welding Specialist and Quality Assurance Inspector and Quality Assurance Analyst of Septa Rail Inc. Augustin holds a Welding Engineering and Computer Science diplomas from Polytechnic University in Timisoara, Romania, and a diploma in marketing from Scientific University of Bucharest.

Daniel Yang

Project Manager

Daniel Yang joined Top Renergy Inc. in 2015. Throughout his career, Daniel has focused on business strategy and leadership development. Previously, as a marketing manager, Daniel led a team of eight associates at Shenzhen Meierda Electronics. In his position as Project Manager, he acts as a supportive assistant of the CEO, and is responsible in the evaluation process and maintenance of investor relationships. Daniel holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from University of British Columbia.